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Message from Rotary Centre in Thailand Committee Chair

Dear fellow Rotarians,

During this period, Rotary clubs should consider to cooperate with local Health officials in controlling Coronavirus 19 (Covid-19) by helping to prevent the spread of the disease. Refrain from holding club meetings, seminars, fellowship events, and gatherings during these 2-3 weeks of the controlling period should be able to help prevent the spread of the disease to an extent. The Ministry of Health aims to control the spread before entering the month of May, which is the beginning of the rainy season and the controlling would be much more difficult. Rotary International President has sent a message asking Rotarians around the world to cooperate with local Health officials to defeat the disease.

We have been promoting Polio Eradication worldwide. This incident should not be too difficult for us. We only need to adapt ourselves with discipline and be cautious according to the advices from health officials.

Please kindly consider cooperating together to control Covid-19.

Yours in Rotary,
PRID Prof.Dr. Saowalak Rattanavich
Committee Chair, Rotary Centre in Thailand

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